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 ACS Racing Announces Plans for 2019 Season

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PostSubject: ACS Racing Announces Plans for 2019 Season   Sat Jul 07, 2018 8:20 am

Following a rather eventful, yet not very fruitful, day for the ACS Racing camp at Pikes Peak, the 3 team bosses and 4 drivers gave a much anticipated press conference following the regular post race festivities.  In this press conference, which was only announced the day prior to the race, the team hinted at some "big news", which at this time of year can truly only be referring to some news of the so called 'Silly Season' variety.

Riley Anderson, one of the 2 minority owners of the team and Head of Driver Scouting and Development took the mic from majority owner Allen Smith who gave the pre-conference niceties.

The first few statements were very typical and expected, and/or relatively mundane.  Nathan Smith got his annual 2.5 million dollar re-up, making his contract now expire in, well, the year 3000 or something or like that.  Aaron Anderson signed on for a further 1 year for 3 million, his deal now expiring after the conclusion of the 2020 season, after which he will become an unrestricted free agent.  The team also announced that Bethany Baltano will be fired from the team and replaced by Malte Arvidsson in the ANS for the remainder of the season.  Arvidsson will relinquish his MRT driving duties to 19 year old Quebecois dirt tracker Sylvian LeSauvage for the rest of 2018.

Then came the big news.

Chris Crompton, the 2nd minority owner and General Manager, and farther of Carson Crompton was then handed the mic and dropped the bombshell.

"Carson Crompton and Ike Durbin, who drive our #84 and #86 Toyotas respectively, will be departing from ACS Racing at the end of this season".

Had this announcement come before or early in the season, it may not have been surprising.  It was well known that Carson wanted out for a plethora of, questionable, reasons.  However, since getting back out onto the track and running very well and seeming to have improved his off-track relationship with Nathan Smith, let's not forget the knowledge of Mars/Wrigley's departure from the team after 2018, opening Carson up for running his own personally-tied sponsors, many thought the days of an imminent split were gone.  Of course, this preceding paragraph only refers to Carson Crompton's motivations, as the ever quiet and mysterious Ike Durbin simply deferred to pre-prepared statements read by Crompton when asked.

Chris Crompton continued "To minimize the distraction to ourselves, we will not be discussing the reasons for their departure here, or at any point until the conclusion of the final race of this season, when we will no longer be employing Carson or Ike and cannot stop them from speaking on the matter.  We will however actively discuss the future.  Just not the past, at this time."

Many of the reporters then lowered the hands for a few seconds to reformulate their questions.  When asked what ACS Racing's plans for 2019 were, the mic was passed back to Allen Smith: "ACS Racing will downsize to a 3-car operation, fielding car numbers 83, 84, and 85.  We have finalized deals for sponsorship with companies in which I am a minority owner of: GoMart and Mr. Bee Potato Chips, as well as my former employer Mylan Pharmaceuticals.  Sheetz has also signed on to be the sponsor of the #85 Toyota, and a deal 84 Lumber is near finalization.  The distribution of sponsorship amongst the other 2 cars, as well as any further sponsorship agreements, are not yet finalized.  However, you can probably guess which car will feature the 84 Lumber colors more prominently than the other two."

Smith then handed the mic back to Chris Crompton: "Of course, Nathan Smith will be driving the 83 Toyota next season.  Aaron Anderson will stay in his #85 as well.  As for the 84, we have several in-house options, Rian Anderson has had a great year in the ANS for example.  However, we will be strongly targeting the top Free Agents as well."

The questions then started being directed at Carson, who basically ignored most of them to say what he wanted to, and frankly was actually keeping the conversation on topic and following the 'not discussing the past' guidelines set earlier.

"I will be a Free Agent at the end of this season.  My ideal plan is the following: Bring my team and company, SceneZombie Enterprises, name change possibly pending, up to the AERS.  Preferably, a partnership or merger with an existing team to field the most competitive cars possible for me and my good friend to my right Ike Durbin, along with any teammates the potential co-owners place with us.  Both of us have close ties to several sponsors, and a lot of talent behind the wheel of a race car.  The only absolute conditions I have are an ownership stake in the team, the exact amount of which is negotiable, the freedom for both of us to run our sponsors, with contracts co-negotiated by the potential co-owners of course, the freedom to speak as much or as little as we want, as I know you all know one of us does a lot and the other does very little, and since we both fancy ourselves as designers, we'd like to design our own cars as well.  The future co-owner(s) will be signing up for a deal that gets them a lot of money from several companies and a lot of talent.  I think creative control and personal freedom, and a small stake in the team, is a small price to pay."

Nathan Smith was notably not asked anything throughout the interview, although I was able to reach him afterwards and in response to this fact he said "I'm very glad I didn't have to say anything."

Riley Anderson gave the closing remark: "No further questions, we have a race to prepare for in San Diego.  We will see you there."

-Scott Stucky, The Race Report

"Dak Prescott, he starts to come and then he pulls out" -Troy Aikman

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ACS Racing Announces Plans for 2019 Season
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