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Forum Founder, Admin
Forum Founder, Admin

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PostSubject: NOW DENIED*    Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:24 pm

Today, President David Stone and the rest of the American Automobile Racing Organization announced that the Generation 6 car model will be used for the AMP Energy Racing Series starting in 2016. Here's David Stone's official statement:

"For 2016, the AARO AMP Energy Racing Series will be switching over to the Generation 6 car model. For years, the AERS has been using the original car body that although was relatively safe, the sanctioning body was not entirely happy with. Our main goal here in the AARO is to provide solid racing and excitement safely, and we feel these new car bodies will keep our drivers safe while still providing the intense racing we’ve seen over the years."

Furthermore, this pushes the 2015 car down to the Aflac All Pro Tour beginning in 2016. All Pro Tour teams will be able to purchase current AERS team cars starting as early as next week to stock up on their supply for the upcoming season. The current body will be relegated down to the regional series'.

"The American Automobile Racing Organization is very happy with the current Aflac All Pro Tour car, however, with the AMP Energy Racing Series moving to their new cars, we feel pushing the 2015 cars down to the AAPT is a good decision racing wise, and safety wise, especially for inexperienced drivers."

The Logitech National Tour, speculated as taking a new name in 2016, will run former AMP Energy Racing Series cars that competed back in the early-2000's, to provide high speeds and quality at a lower cost then what they are now. What this does is help some of the struggling teams to improve and compete with the best of the top-tier teams.

"The quality of the racing in the National Tour could use some work. In order to get new teams into the series and compete, we need to have a balanced system in order to keep the field in a competitve environment. We've seen the very underfunded teams, we know they're struggling, and this move should help them, quite a bit."

The American Automobile Racing Organization has not yet finalized plans on the National Tour car bodies just yet, but Stone explained, "We're still in the process of getting everything finalized. While it's possible our decision changes, I wouldn't expect it to."

Three "Gen-6" car bodies were on display at Alberta, the Dodge Charger, the Pontiac Grand Prix and the Ford Fusion, all looking quite sleek. Toyota has been said to be finalizing their project after a "complete overhaul" of their original design. Buick is rumored to be putting out a new version of their Regal, and Volkswagen has been silent thus far, but they're believed to be close to revealing their car. Chevy's body has been finalized, however they could not send a prototype to Alberta this weekend.

There was a five car test session with Shawn Glossum, Mikael Carter, Tyler Deefer, Jimmy Cohon, and Casey Lester shortly after the conference, where the drivers gave feedback to the AARO about the new cars and showed off their 2016 paint schemes. No word on the cars from any of the drivers just yet, but hearing their radio reactions, they seemed to like them.

It's the end of an era in terms of the car bodies in 2016, however the sport continues to evolve, and we'll see a brand new car hit the track at Livonia next year, providing great racing while keeping the drivers safe, and after last week's Winnipeg event, I'm sure we're all glad in some way to see this change.

Administrator and Founder of the AARO and its wonderful forum

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PostSubject: Re: NOW DENIED*    Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:08 pm

Gen6 creator speaks out

With the AARO unveiling the new Gen6 car moments ago in the press release, the cars made their debut at the Alberta Autoring just 45 minutes after the checkered flag fell. The biggest question that came out of the conference was who created the Generation 6 car?

Meet Brandon Jeffery Roderickson.

Brandon Rodrickson was born on June 19th, 1970. Roderickson was raised in Hampton, Connecticut for his entire childhood life, he attended Washington and Lee University, and graduated with a degree in engineering. Roderickson then pursued a career in motorsports engineering.

“When I got into college, I knew engineering was my thing. During my time there, I was amazed at watching the AARO cars, and honestly, the whole Livonia fiasco was the mainly the reason I was hooked into watching the AARO. After seeing the success they had, I was like, you know what, I know what I want to do. ”

After Roderickson completed college, he began working on the engineering program for a local team competing in the Virginia State Championship Racing League (VSCRL), where he worked or 2 years, before getting hired at Renesse Racing, after a three year stint. He returned to Connecticut to work for another local team because he wanted to return to his family. His return would see the biggest change in his life.

After an accident at Thompson International Speedway, which left a driver paralyzed from the neck down. Roderickson tried to convince fellow drivers, and builders that a safe car was needed. However he was banned from the league because of false advertisement that the Northeast Racing Cup League wasn’t safe.

“That moment you release that the sport that you love tries to take safety out of the equation, that was just unacceptable. Change is going to be made, but nobody is willing to do it.”

As the result, his project called “BR” would begin in 2006. His first version of the car was revealed in 2008, dubbed “BR Gen3”.

“I named it Gen3 because I looked up to my parents and my father's parents for help when I was making though my toughest times as a child. Thus Generation 1 will be reserved to my father parents, and Generation 2 was reserved for my own parents.”

The car notable for having a splitter, and a rear wing on the car, many critics didn’t liked the car because it “looked stupid”. As a result, “BR Gen 4” was unveiled, having the same frame as the Gen 3, but with a rear spoiler instead of a wing. That car debuted in 2010, and the NRPA was the first to use it.

Generation 5 was the first big overhaul of the lineup, with that car being more aerodynamic than the Gen4 or Gen3. The car had a molded nose, rather than pivots holding the splitter, which tended to break up when a car skidded on the grass. This car was mostly notable for being rivaled to the Project DMR car, which was a larger variant of the BR Gen5.

“Many people started to respect me when the Gen4 came out, and the DMR boys got jealous, then they wanted to created something on there own. I felt like the biggest loser when NOVAR chose them over me. ”

Despite NOVAR using the DMR car for the 2012 and 2013 seasons, many teams, and drivers complained about how the handling was just “god awful”, and the cars were way too boxy.  “Those cars were way too boxy for me to handle for me. I actually had tried out the BR Gen5 car, and the handling was just near perfect, I guess that car was too small.” Brian Wilson, who drove the 90.

That when Roderickson came up with his most successful project yet, dubbed Generation 6.

The car made its public debut in August 2013, and made its competitive debut in February 2014. Unlike its predecessors, the car was shown to designed for safety, and style, whereas the past 3 cars all practically had the same mold.

“When I unveiled it, Ike (Kendall) came by and said that they were really interested, and he wanted to use it for 2014.”

Gen6 turned out to be a slow start, but ended with a major success, with drivers praised on the how the racing quality had completely improved.

“Stepping into these cars, and competing actually feels fun. I really got to respect him for making a fun but safe car.” Walter Green.

Many other leagues will use the car as a response to the success, including the AARO, and NORA beginning in 2015. At the press conference, Roderickson gave some advice.

“This off-season, learning will be a big emphasis for these drivers when it comes to cars, after that, then we start improving them. I’ll be there when help is needed, because I am also a helper for rookies and these cars.”

Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Toyota, Buick, Pontiac,and Volkswagen, have all supported the new chassis, along with Audi, BMW, and Mitsubishi have also built models for the cars as well.

BR Technologies will be on hand to help teach all current AERS teams on how to use the chassis.

“Our engineers would’ve never believed that we would go this far. But we still got chapters to write.”

The new cars are expected to makes it AERS debut in the 2016 Livonia 250, in stylish fashion.

Craig Hartley
GRN Writer

(OOC: I know NOVAR don't exist on the AARO canon, its simply out-of-canon references. I am not sure about NORA though.)

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Josh Mertz
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PostSubject: Re: NOW DENIED*    Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:48 pm

OOC: NORA is using gen6br
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PostSubject: Re: NOW DENIED*    Sat Jun 13, 2015 1:16 am

Volkswagen unveils their Generation 6 Passat model for use in the 2016 Amp Energy Racing Series...


A fleet of these models is being shipped to the US and will be testing this week in Bristol in correspondence with the upcoming AERS event.

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PostSubject: Re: NOW DENIED*    

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