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 2013 PTRL XMRGNS Race 20: New York (Arizona Tea 200)

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PostSubject: 2013 PTRL XMRGNS Race 20: New York (Arizona Tea 200)   Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:27 am

30 cars will make it through to the Arizona Tea 200 rather than the typical 22 each week, so this means more points will be awarded. It's a six horse race as 20 points separate Dave Endicott and Reed Church while Bell and Johannson both can mathematically win, but it's as if you have two seconds on the scoreboard in the Super Bowl and you need to make a 70-yard field goal. Realistically, they're done, but anybody in the Top 6 has a decent chance at snatching the title out from under the noses of the others. Several one-offs have been entered and seem to have a decent shot to make the field such as Alno Estvikolla, Ty Sheets and Chase Donovan. This could spell disaster for a few of the midfielders trying to improve their points positions, but it should be a very interesting qualifying race, especially with teams such as The Thomas Group and Bolghomme resurfacing. All of the possibilities cannot even be thought of for this weekend. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the final event for the Palm Tree Racing League. It will be at the 2-mile superspeedway called the New York Autoring in Albany. With ride heights low and emotions high...

...let the festivities begin. Points:

1. 10 Dave Endicott [940 points]
2. 98 Bjorn Brewer [935]
3. 74 Wade Richson [927]
4. 79 Tanner Clason [925]
5. 13 Casey Lester [924]
6. 6 Reed Church [920]

7. 12 Patrick Johannson [881]
8. 8 Preston Bell [879]

9. 16 Brian Mitchell [844]
10. 86 Ike Durbin [446]
11. 99a Pat Demps [416]
12. 31 Earl Graham [410]
13. 15 Randall Lyon [400]
14. 05 Brian Kanard [346]
15. 03 Christie Wentworth [301]
16. 99 Brad Windsor [203]
17. 18a Josiah Justice [181]
18. 96a Tobias Newbridge [180]
19. 27 Dan Meyato [178]
20. 48 Cliff Jensen [167]
21. 02 Martin Jackson [151]
22. 20 Bruce Henson [150]
23. 30 Jack Sweeney [145]
24. 23 Jonathan DiVierdi [129]
24. 25b Adam Hope [129]
26. 75 Linda Black [125]
27. 07a Jerard Reddington [107]
28. 63 Eric Webler [65]
29. 07b A.R. Ayumu [63]
30. 77 Dan Morton [50]
31. 9 Alno Estvikolla [45]
32. 18b Marco Penn [42]
33. 09 Karl Hammarling [34]
34. 96 Jayce Roy [33]
35. 39b Gerard Miller [22]
36. 28a Dalton Forrister [18]
37. 28b Rodrigo Baeza [6]
38. 25a Wyatt Herdson [4]
39. 45 Tyler Leftwich [2]

UNRANKED: Nikolas Marchankov, Fotios Papadopoulos, Drew Driver, Gustavo Garcia, Patrick Fitzgerald, Juan Pedro Sandoval, Jason Berman, Dave Raymer, Gabe Young, Frankie Taylor, Garth Shields, Eun Yong Kim, Amir Sadiq, Aleksandr Mouta

Owner of the Palm Tree Racing League.
Music, motorsports, hockey and some good friends. What more could a guy want?
Resident Landon Cassill fan.

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PostSubject: Re: 2013 PTRL XMRGNS Race 20: New York (Arizona Tea 200)   Mon Jun 30, 2014 1:31 pm

2013 Arizona Tea 200 Entry List

Green = Locked in
Italics = one-off

0 Gustavo Garcia - Unsponsored Ford Taurus - Bolghomme Racing Team
2 Ted Cordon - Unsponsored Dodge Intrepid - Bolghomme Racing Team
03 Christie Wentworth - Aaron's Dodge Charger - Clason Enterprises
4 Robbie Wolfe - Unsponsored Chevrolet Impala - Wolfe Racing
05 Brian Kanard - SPEED Energy Octane Chevrolet Impala - Webler Motorsports
6 Reed Church - Sharpie Ford Fusion - Albie Gregory Racing
8 Preston Bell - Pennzoil Chevrolet Impala - Bell Enterprises

9 Alno Estvikolla - Red Bull Dodge Charger - Team Estvikolla Red Bull
10 Dave Endicott - Fujifilm/Coors Light Dodge Charger - Schwab Racing
12 Patrick Johannson - Sharpie Ford Fusion - Albie Gregory Racing
13 Casey Lester - "Et Tu, Brute" Dodge Charger - Lester Racing

14 Karl Hammarling - Mojang Dodge Charger - Lester Racing
15 Randall Lyon - SPEED Energy Fuel Chevrolet Impala - Webler Motorsports
16 Brian Mitchell - Dr. Pepper Chevrolet Impala - Compton Motorsports
18 Josiah Justice - Sharpie Ford Fusion - Albie Gregory Racing
19 Chase Donovan - Nike Chevrolet Impala - Donovan Motorsport Limited
20 Bruce Henson - Logitech Dodge Charger - Schwab Racing
23 Jonathan DiVierdi - Marlboro Ford Fusion - Candlestick Racing
24 Ty Sheets - Skoal Ford Fusion - Candlestick Racing w/Carson Rotunda
25 Jack Sweeney - Pizza Pizza Ford Fusion - Candlestick Racing
27 Dan Meyato - StarSpark Auto Chevrolet Impala - StarSpark-Calamicom Racing
28 Dalton Forrister - Unsponsored Ford Taurus - Candlestick Racing
31 Earl Graham - SiriusXM Radio Dodge Charger - Lester Racing
35 Damon Miller - Unsponsored Dodge Charger - Dormann Motorsports
39 Frankie Taylor - Sauer's Ford Taurus - Candlestick Racing
42 Alex Bennigan - Air Canada Dodge Charger - Clason Enterprises
45 Tyler Leftwich - Unsponsored Chevrolet Monte Carlo - T&Q Racing
48 Cliff Jensen - Lumber Liquidators Chevrolet Monte Carlo - T&Q Racing
52 Eun Yong Kim - Unsponsored Chevrolet LUMINA - Bolghomme Racing Team
55 Mat Duncan - Unsponsored Dodge Charger - Dormann Motorsports
60 Donovan O'Connell - Unsponsored Dodge Stratus - The Thomas Group
62 Dylan Claymore - Unsponsored Dodge Intrepid - The Thomas Group

67 Jack Spanaker - Unsponsored Dodge Stratus - The Thomas Group
70 Gert van Hassel - Unsponsored Dodge Intrepid - Team van Hassel
71 Madison McFarland - Tumblr Dodge Charger - McFarland Motorsports
72 Mordechai Shapiro - Unsponsored Ford Taurus - Bolghomme Racing Team

74 Wade Richson - Harrah's Toyota Camry - Richson Racing
75 Linda Black - Unsponsored Dodge Charger - Lone Black Motorsports
77 Dan Morton - Rab-O-Tec Chevrolet Impala - StarSpark Calamicom-Racing
79 Tanner Clason - Coca-Cola Dodge Charger - Clason Enterprises
81 Cagen Boyd - Sharpie Ford Fusion - Albie Gregory Racing
85 Justin Reid - Unsponsored Dodge Charger - Dormann Motorsports

86 Ike Durbin - Skullcandy Dodge Charger - Full Throttle Racing
88 Alfonso Rimando - Visa Chevrolet Impala - Bell Enterprises
89 Aleksandr Mouta - Unsponsored Ford Fusion - Bolghomme Racing Team
96 Jayce Roy - Technos-Calivier Chevrolet Impala - StarSpark-Calamicom Racing
97 Adam Hope - SonicBoom Chevrolet Impala - Dunmore Family Autosport
98 Bjorn Brewer - Ragu Chevrolet Impala - Dunmore Family Autosport
99 Brad Windsor - Target Chevrolet Impala - Dunmore Family Autosport

On a sidenote, Patrick Johannson has killed the field in terms of Rookie of the Year standings.

Owner of the Palm Tree Racing League.
Music, motorsports, hockey and some good friends. What more could a guy want?
Resident Landon Cassill fan.

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PostSubject: Re: 2013 PTRL XMRGNS Race 20: New York (Arizona Tea 200)   Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:34 pm

Updated the entry list; will begin working on the Q-Race shortly


Owner of the Palm Tree Racing League.
Music, motorsports, hockey and some good friends. What more could a guy want?
Resident Landon Cassill fan.
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PostSubject: Re: 2013 PTRL XMRGNS Race 20: New York (Arizona Tea 200)   Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:38 pm



Gatorade Pole Award: 86 Ike Durbin

Lap 1: The green flag is displayed and the New York weekend is underway! Durbin leads 88 Alfonso Rimando, 03 Christie Wentworth, 24 Ty Sheets and 99 Brad Windsor to the green flag. 21 spots are up for grabs with an overall entry list of 49 cars and 40 running the qualifying race, a PTRL record for entries by a large margin. A majority of these entries were from smaller teams such as The Thomas Group and BRT with extra cars, but also some of the regular frontrunners have entered one-offs including Lester, AGR and Clason that may end up being factors in the title fight if they indeed qualify for the main race. However, team orders have never been apparent nor favored in PTRL and I don't think that there will be any happening. Wentworth will take the lead from Durbin and conquer the first lap led.
Lap 2: 52 Eun Yong Kim, already a lap down, is only up to 90 mph and is being instructed to pull off if he is unable to pick it up. 0 Gustavo Garcia, 72 Mordechai Shapiro and 2 Ted Cordon aren't running much faster, so the leaders will have to keep their eyes peeled when they catch them. The Thomas Group's three cars have also lost the main pack, so their efforts also appear not to be good enough to make the big dance. Shapiro slows enough to keep his car on the apron while Cordon came close to wiping a few midfielders out in Turn 3 as they went by. Might want to be a bit more careful there. Garcia would pull off the track and retire.
Lap 3: 9 Alno Estvikolla has taken the lead with 27 Dan Meyato following his tire tracks. This season has been a struggle for the StarSpark-Calamicom team and it's good to see that one of their cars is showing strength here in New York; 96 Jayce Roy is somewhere in the pack and 77 Dan Morton was on his way backwards last time I caught a glimpse of the yellow and black Rab-O-Tec Chevy. 89 Aleksandr Mouta (in an obvious #9 2006 Fusion with a hastily-placed 8 before the 9, contigs removed and grey hood) is somehow ahead of #67 Jack Spanaker's 2002 Stratus. TTG is almost BRT-tier with their rapid decline, but not quite there, fortunately.
Lap 4: 52 Eun Yong Kim has not yet pulled off of the racing surface, still sluggishly driving that... did they SPRAYPAINT the 2 on the right side...? Ugh... The leaders are coming to lap him a third time in four laps. They get by him without a problem... Uh, why is he swerving up INTO- ...are you flippin' kidding me?! Kim just drove right up in the racing line at 75 mph and took out about 8 cars who had just begun to lose touch with the leaders. Oh, my go- first you do this to your own teammate and now the field?! I hope somebody got some damn handcuffs on him before he thought about driving the car away! ...anyways... The idiot swerved up the track entering Turn 3 all of a sudden, just missed tagging the 48 of Jensen, but poor 85 Justin Reid had nowhere to go but into the right front of the 52 and there's nowhere for the rest to go. 27 Meyato, 45 Leftwich, 4 Wolfe, 71 McFarland- aw, 05 Brian Kanard was in it, too! His quest for P13 in the standings is over. Razz 75 Linda Black tried to miss it, but she clipped the 4 car and her race is done along with the drivers I just listed. Tough to see their seasons end at the hands of somebody who should never drive a racecar ever again! [WARNING: EXCESSIVE HOSTILITY DETECTED. (One more slip and you'll say goodbye to your job.) - STV] Oh, come on, guys. Are you not seeing this? ...Fine, then. After a short 15-minute red flag to pick up the debris in Turn 3, the drivers would resume pacing as usual.

Lap 10: Restart. Estvikolla is quickly passed by 15 Randall Lyon and 97 Adam Hope follows him in one of Bjorn Brewer's old cars. After the sensational run Hope had in replacing Jonathan DiVierdi at Charlotte, Robert Dunmore offered Hope a ride in DFA's third car and he's doing about as well as people expected him to right now. While Hope's never had good results at plate tracks, he's always performed well during the races. Adam is one of the "hard luck" drivers in the series and it's been refreshing to see a humble guy such as him finding success amongst the bigger names and teams. As a sidenote, 2 Ted Cordon pulled into the pits coming to the green flag and parked the #2 Stratus. Good riddance.
Lap 13: 99 Brad Windsor grabs the lead from 42 Alex Bennigan. The other DFA driver's acclaim to PTRL fame has been two wins last season (the Kraft Showdown and the Folgers 100) and defended his All-Star title in the same car that Hope is driving tonight. To say that Windsor knows his plate tracks is a bit of an understatement. Here comes the 9 of Estvikolla, however, to take the lead in his Red Bull Charger. The winner at Laguna Seca, he's not known for performing overly well at superspeedways with the exception of the MDTS win he scored with Lester Racing in the season-opener at Daytona, but he's gotta hope that he'll be in a good position by the closing laps of this one.
Lap 14: 72 Mordechai Shapiro is still out on the racetrack as he reportedly told his team that he wishes to ride the race out for as long as his car will let him. Now THAT's the spirit that'll take BRT places, but the team apparently doesn't believe in perseverence as two of their other entries have already hit the garage while Shapiro, making his first start in stock cars, is driving around a short track Taurus with a taped-up grill and a tire rub on the left rear that the team never decided to fix. GG, guys. However, the Black Lake, NY native is still pushing on despite how miserable it must be to drive that pile of junk. He's kept it on the apron to ensure that he won't cause problems for the rest of the pack.
Lap 18: 24 Ty Sheets is in the lead in this Skoal Racing entry. Well, more like Candlestick Racing entry with backing from Skoal Racing. They've pooled enough money from their Truck efforts to get Sheets another one-off entry this season and rumor says that they are using their backup car from Tiburon as to avoid further costs of building another two cars. So far, that idea has paid off for them.
Lap 23: 89 Aleksandr Mouta parks.
Lap 26: Lapped cars have been gracious so far as the TTG brigade has been slow but troubleless throughout the race. However, the 62 of Dylan Claymore pits and the hood is put up with shock problems. After about ten laps, he'd get back out on track and continue sputtering around.
CAUTION 2: Lap 27: 39 Frankie Taylor's engine lets go through Turns 3 and 4. Nothing lost, considering he had lost the draft ages ago and was 2 laps down. He had a snowball's chance in hell at making this race.

Lap 32: Restart with 9 laps to go. 18 Josiah Justice is in the lead, but he is quickly shuffled out and sent to the middle of the field. Much like Jack Spanaker last year, Justice han't found much success in the 18 car and has had more downs than ups to recall. I'll bet the entire team is sick of their poor showings this year and just want to make this final race to lift their spirits.
Lap 35: 77 Dan Morton experiences a problem with the battery from 10th place and begins to slow down. That's a real shame to see because Morton has had no luck all season, scoring only 50 points in contrast to both of his teammates scoring over triple that amount and any time that Morton has been in position to show his worth against them, he's had something go wrong. Perhaps this might be why he's going back to open wheel racing after 2013... Out of disgust with the season, Morton pulled off the track and out of the race.
Lap 38: 3 laps to go. 31 Earl Graham gets under 19 Chase Donovan to take the lead. Graham is going to go for the win in the main event; I guarantee you that. He seemed quite confident and unusually hyped for the Arizona 200 and said to the media: "I'm going for broke this weekend. Points don't mean anything to me right now. All I'm looking for is Victory Lane." However, I don't think he's going to hang onto the lead the rest of the way home here as 25 Jack Sweeney, almost out of nowhere, dives under the 31 coming to 2 to go. He's not somebody I would have personally expected to be in the running to win the Q-Race, let alone make the field, but here he is.
Lap 39: Before they took 2 to go, 67 Jack Spanaker has pulled off the track and parked his Stratus. Not like that's important, but anyways, Sweeney would be passed by the 42 of fellow Canadian Alex Bennigan in Clason Enterprises' third entry. Bennigan attempted this race last year and I believe he missed by a pretty small margin, but he looks to be solidly in this year. He's got the inside line coming to the white flag!
Lap 40: 14 Karl Hammarling is suddenly thrust into 2nd place, but I don't know if he'll get Bennigan to move. The Top 2 both stay put on the inside line as Sweeney tries to pull even with the 14, but to no avail. Bennigan is towing the 14 through 3 and 4, but when will Hammarling make the move?! Here they come, out of 4, to the checkered flag! Hammarling stays tucked beneath Bennigan's rear bumper! Bennigan lets Hammarling have the bottom, but it's already too late! Alex Bennigan will win the Arizona Tea 200 qualifier and get himself into the main race! His teammate Wentworth came home in third after edging Sweeney on the inside at the line.

1. 42 Bennigan (Good points day, eh?)
2. 14 Hammarling
3. 03 Wentworth
4. 25 Sweeney
5. 9 Estvikolla
6. 97 Hope (Good call, DFA)
7. 20 Henson
8. 31 Graham
9. 99 Windsor
10. 86 Durbin (Good 10th in points)
11. 18 Justice (Justice has been served. *ba-dum-tss*)
12. 15 Lyon
13. 48 Jensen
14. 35 Miller (Finally, Damon Miller is back in the XMRGNS.)
15. 96 Roy
16. 81 Boyd (Quiet as hell, but he made it.)
17. 23 DiVierdi
18. 24 Sheets
19. 28 Forrister (Good send off for the young Canadian prospect)
20. 88 Rimando (Close call for Bell Enterprises)
21. 55 Duncan (Upset of the race? He edged Donovan by a miracle.)

22. 19 Donovan (Close, but no cigar for the multi-millionaire's son kid.)
23. 70 van Hassel (-2)
24. 77 Morton (Out)
25. 60 O'Connell (-6)
26. 67 Spanaker (Wheel)
27. 62 Claymore (Out)
28. 39 Taylor (Out)
29. 72 Shapiro (-18) (HE STILL FINISHED!)
30. 89 Mouta (Suspension)
31. 2 Cordon (Suspension)
32. 4 Wolfe (Out)
33. 71 McFarland (Out)
34. 85 Reid (Out) (Medical condition unknown, even though he got out of his car.)
35. 45 Leftwich (Out)
36. 05 Kanard (Out)
37. 27 Meyato (Out)
38. 75 Black (Out)
39. 52 Kim (Out)
40. 0 Garcia (Engine)

Driver of the Day: Adam Hope, Damon Miller, Dalton Forrister and Mat Duncan (Underdogs rule!)
Reject of the Race: 52 Eun Yong Kim (Don't need to say it.)

Owner of the Palm Tree Racing League.
Music, motorsports, hockey and some good friends. What more could a guy want?
Resident Landon Cassill fan.
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PostSubject: Re: 2013 PTRL XMRGNS Race 20: New York (Arizona Tea 200)   Sat Oct 25, 2014 1:31 pm

This is still a thing. Working on it as we speak...

Owner of the Palm Tree Racing League.
Music, motorsports, hockey and some good friends. What more could a guy want?
Resident Landon Cassill fan.
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PostSubject: Re: 2013 PTRL XMRGNS Race 20: New York (Arizona Tea 200)   Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:05 pm



Gatorade Pole Award: 99 Brad Windsor

This guy just can't stop with being the class of the field on these superspeedways this season. Green flag is out and Brad Windsor leads the field to the start of the Arizona Tea 200, the final race of the PTRL XM Radio Grand National Series! Earl Graham qualified 2nd, Reed Church 3rd, Wade Richson 4th and Randall Lyon with a surprise Top 5. Preston Bell starts in 6th as he seems to have returned to top performance for this weekend since he was 2nd in final practice and ran well in the previous two practice sessions this weekend. He's fallen off noticeably this season and hasn't had too much to show for so far aside from the occasional Top 5 run in that #8 car, sponsored by Zatarain's this weekend, and he'll be looking for a good sendoff on a type of track that many people associate him with as a master of. Points leader Dave Endicott started back in 18th place and isolated himself from his championship contenders. He'll need to pick it up from here if he wants to hang on for a shot at this title and he needs to find a way to survive this race; his history at NYA hasn't shown the best of statistics as he wrecked out last year in a late race pileup, but Schwab's superspeeedway package hasn't been lacking in comparison to the others, so Endicott's got a good shot to rebound as he's already on the move forward. Another title fighter on the move is Tanner Clason - except he's going in the wrong direction. He started in 11th, but has fallen 10 spots by Lap 4. He doesn't quite have the aggression or clutch ability that guys like Brewer and Church have, but he's been consistently durable and has piled up Top 5's and Top 10's for most of the races this season, bringing home his #79 Coke Zero Dodge in one piece. Consistency is what wins championships and the Oklahoman is far from out of it. Adam Hope has cracked the Top 5 on Lap 6 in Dunmore Family Autosport's third car. For the mixed success he's had, he's made himself somewhat of a fixture here and it will be a shame to see him pursue other opportunities following this race. At least he seems to be making the most of the time he's got left. The field has begun to spread out into three main packs at this point, but passes were still being made as Reed Church takes the lead on Lap 8.

CAUTION 1: Lap 9

Mat Duncan, Christie Wentworth and Josiah Justice are in a 3-wide battle coming out of Turn 2 when Duncan pushes up the track slightly and hooks the 03 into the inside wall from 15th. Wentworth then spins back up the track and is hit by Jack Sweeney, who is shot up into the 96 of Jayce Roy. Luckily, Sweeney and Roy were at the tail end of the pack, so nobody else was collected. That's going to end the days of Wentworth, Roy and Sweeney... Mat Duncan doesn't have the cleanest of history nor the most experience in the field, so it's not a complete surprise to see him involved in something tonight. He was apologetic over the radio, however.

Randall Lyon passed Reed Church and won the race back to the caution. He led the field to the restart as the field began swapping positions once again. Alfonso Rimando restarted in 7th place, but he slows down quite a bit getting up to speed. Hearing that third gear is gone on the 88 car. So that's gonna set the 88 car back quite a bit. He dropped to the bottom and let people go by once he realized that third was gone and shifted into fourth quickly. He fell to the back of the pack because of this and is going to be hoping that another caution doesn't fly so he can keep up the speed he has built up. This might be a small worry for his car owner Preston Bell, who is running in 4th right now. Hopefully, it was just a random malfunction and it's nothing major to worry about. Everyone has to have made sure their stuff is in tip-top shape. On Lap 16, Damon Miller pulls to the inside line and drops back as his car begins overheating. Wise decision by the veteran to conserve whatever engines that team has left. Can't be too many... but regardless, Miller's just looking to make it through without any trouble. Lap 20, the 1/4 mark in the race, sees Dave Endicott out front. The Colorado native is looking better than ever in his quest for a championship and looks to put the doubters to rest after the checkered flag falls. He's got a 5-point lead over Brewer and if the race were to end with the running order as they are now, Endicott would obviously have it. Brewer would drop to 5th as he's dropped to 14th while Lester is right behind the 10 while Richson and Clason are side-by-side for 5th and Reed Church is dropping back in 16th place, trying to slot in line behind the 9 of Alno Estvikolla. Endicott's time up front was ended by Casey Lester making a move to the inside down the backstretch with Wade Richson behind him. Nobody's making any drastic moves yet and there's no real need to start with it being this early on in the race. However, Ty Sheets and Patrick Johannson's little rivalry from last season sparks back up when, Johannson hooks Sheets out of Turn 2 and turns him onto the apron. The 24 doesn't spin into the inside wall, but he corrects the car and keeps the throttle gunned to the floorboard in an attempt to keep with Johannson. He was none too happy about that stunt and made it 3-wide for about 13th place, shuffling the 23 of Jonathan DiVierdi out of line in the third turn, causing him to drop back a few positions. Not quite how teamwork goes, but Ty Sheets isn't exactly a team player. Well, racer in this case, but the point stands. The next lap (23), Sheets is up to the back bumper of Johannson, who he bumps into exiting Turn 2, reversing the roles of the previous lap, although Johannson lost no ground from it and turns dead right into the 24's left rear and spins the Truck series champion into the inside wall! Well, there will be fireworks in the garage for sure. Albie Gregory and Carson Rotunda were never the best of friends after last season and the Truck race last year didn't help matters. This is going to help out quite much... someone get a washcloth and wipe the sarcasm off the screen... Anyway, Sheets angrily stormed into the ambulance and went to his hauler once he was released from the infield care center. I wouldn't be shocked to see fireworks on pit road later. Johannson was immediately called to the PTRL hauler to have a word with officials over that skirmish.

Cagen Boyd, in the AGR one-off entry, leads Adam Hope, Alex Bennigan, Casey Lester and Wade Richson to the restart. The young Canadian prospect, one of three in the field, has done acceptably well for the team in the Truck series. This is his first Grand National start and he's been turning a few heads tonight, looking for something to do next year. He always has a seat for him at Marcel Racing in the Canadian Touring Car Championship, which is where Jack Sweeney will drive next season. Boyd vacated his #2 Pizza Pizza Mazda this season to run for AGR and get his name noticed throughout North America and not just in Canada. We all know the name now as he hangs on for a full lap to lead Lap 30, just past the 1/3 mark. In 3 laps, it would be Bjorn Brewer at the point. Then Karl Hammarling pulls back up front, then Preston Bell, then Brian Mitchell, then Reed Church, then Brad Windsor. Lead changes stay abundant as Bell comes in on Lap 41 to kick off green flag pitstops for the final time.

Pitters on Lap 41: 8 Bell
Pitters on Lap 42: 74 Richson, 13 Lester, 15 Lyon, 6 Church, 81 Boyd, 9 Estvikolla, 10 Endicott, 31 Graham, 23 DiVierdi
Pitters on Lap 43: 97 Hope, 14 Hammarling, 20 Henson, 86 Durbin, 35 Miller, 79 Clason, 16 Mitchell, 12 Johannson, 55 Duncan, 88 Rimando
Pitters on Lap 44: 98 Brewer, 99 Windsor, 42 Bennigan, 28 Forrister, 18 Justice, 48 Jensen
Order: 1. 74 Richson, 2. 14 Hammarling, 3. 13 Lester, 4. 98 Brewer, 5. 15 Lyon, 6. 6 Church, 7. 99 Windsor, 8. 81 Boyd, 9. 20 Henson, 10. 42 Bennigan, 11. 10 Endicott, 12. 9 Estvikolla, 13. 86 Durbin, 14. 8 Bell, 15. 79 Clason, 16. 31 Graham, 17. 12 Johannson, 18. 16 Mitchell, 19. 28 Forrister, 20. 18 Justice, 21. 35 Miller, 22. 23 DiVierdi, 23. 97 Hope, 24. 88 Rimando, 25. 55 Duncan, 26. 48 Jensen, 27. 24 Sheets (Out), 28. 03 Wentworth (Out), 29. 96 Roy (Out), 30. 25 Sweeney (Out)

Pit road wasn't too congested, but Adam Hope and Cliff Jensen both got speeding penalties and lost valuable ground in the process. Jensen was fuming over the radio, screaming that he "should just pull it into the garage and call it a night". Understandable; he had begun to lose the draft late in the run and had been struggling for most of the race so far. He would be way behind the main pack thanks to his 5-second penalty and sits essentially out of contention to win unless a caution comes out. Ike Durbin dropped the ball on his pitstop, losing 4 spots as a result. While he's still in the draft, he's got a bit of extra digging to do to get back inside the Top 10. Damon Miller had a slow stop as well and also lost ground on the leaders. Like Ike, he's still in the draft and has a chance to contend for the victory tonight for the Dormann team. What a upset that would be, eh?

Randall Lyon creeps his way back into the lead of the race on Lap 48, showing the strength of the Webler Motorsports engines at these superspeedways. However, a hungry field of 20+ cars will swallow you up quickly, evidenced many times tonight, as Brad Windsor takes to the top of the leaderboard. Dave Endicott has been shoving his way forward, hungry for the Top 10 all night. Spotters kept drivers' heads cool for several laps in order not to cause a large pileup; kudos to them, but the drivers weren't what would end this run.

CAUTION 3: Lap 78

A piece of Alex Bennigan's rear bumper that had been flapping around for about 4 or 5 laps finally flies off onto the racing surface, prompting the officials to call the yellow flag. Luckily, nobody ran into it in Turn 1 taking the caution and cut a tire.

Earl Graham restarted with the lead but with 6 laps left (84), I don't think he'll stay there. He maintains the lead until Turn 3, where Jonathan DiVierdi makes a surprise apearance at the front, passing the 31 on the inside lane and edging him out of Turn 4 for the lead. How about this; the Marlboro-sponsored entry has had mixed results all year long, but has taken advantage of superspeedway opportunities when they've presented themselves. He won the Tiburon 300 qualifying race this season, but that's one of the few notable things that the team can really hold their heads high about. They would be passed down the backstretch by Alno Estvikolla. After winning the Truck series championship, I don't think this weekend could get much better for the young Finn aside from a victory tonight, which would be his second series victory; his first was at Laguna Seca after a tense battle with Cliff Jensen, who fell a lap down before the caution came out and got the free pass to get back in the battle towards the back half of the field. Patrick Johannson dethrones the 9 once the get back to the tri-oval. 3 laps remain in the PTRL XM Radio Grand National Series. Johannson has Casey Lester on his back bumper, so the 13 is looking to be in good shape as Dave Endicott has fallen to 13th and continues to lose positions. Brewer sits in 6th as he was just moved up to the outside by Bruce Henson in the #20. Good run for the Logitech crew so far. However, the big picture is the championship at this point. Wade Richson sits back in 16th place with Endicott and Clason not too far ahead of him. As we pause the footage for just a moment to calculate things, the extra points being awarded may have some large implications on the outcome. Both Brewer and Lester have led a lap, which would give Lester 57 points (3rd place) and Brewer 51 (6th). As the outside line fades, Lester stays tucked behind the back of Johannson's TV Guide Ford Fusion. If there's any time that he can't afford to lose any spots, it's now. He just has to hope that Johannson gives him some room to sneak under and go past. 2 to go. Brewer is being suffled back as Bruce Henson tries to look under the 13, but Lester moves low to block! Johannson does the same and Johannson keeps the lead through 1 and 2! This is going to be an exciting dash or crash situation for the title contenders. Hearts pounding and engines screaming, it's the biggest two laps of their lives. Brewer and Lester look to become double champions while names like Richson, Church, Endicott and Clason try to place their names on the trophy. Johannson, I believe, is mathematically out with all of the retirements; as is Preston Bell, who currently runs 10th. Down the backstretch, Lester and Johannson move up high as they have the space to do so. Henson can't get under the 13 to make a run for 2nd and break the 13's lock on Johannson. They move back low before Turns 3 and 4. They still stick together. Lester says over the radio that he is willing to stay behind the 12 and finish where he is as to not risk wrecking and losing points. Smart call. Here we go- white flag for Patrick Johannson! Henson sticks behind the 13 as he is now clear on both sides! Brewer is dropping back while Church sits 5th on the inside line on his way forward. That's about the best news that Church could hear. He's got Karl Hammarling to his outside, who does not contest for the position to interfere with the 6's title bid. Remember when the whole debacle at Laguna Seca happened and everyone got scared about team orders? Hammarling wasn't lying when he said he's a fair player. Anyway, Johannson goes high as Lester backs out of the throttle ever so slightly out of 2. He sucks back up to the 12 and ducks beneath him! LESTER UNDER JOHANNSON DOWN THE BACKSTRETCH! THE 12 SQUEEZES HIM DOWN, BUT LESTER'S GOT THE RUN AND GETS BY JOHANNSON AS HENSON NOW GOES TO THE HIGH SIDE OF JOHANNSON WITH A RUN AS WELL! THE 13 AND 20 SPLIT JOHANNSON ON EACH SIDE AS HENSON NOW EDGES AHEAD OF LESTER AS HE CLEARS THE 12! INTO 3, THEY ARE SIDE BY SIDE AS LESTER JUST HANGS ONTO HENSON'S REAR QUARTER PANEL! JOHANNSON IS BEING PASSED BY IKE DURBIN AND REED CHURCH ON THE INSIDE! CHURCH STAYS TUCKED BEHIND THE 86 TO HANG ON FOR 4TH TO SEE WHAT HE CAN GET! OUT OF TURNS 3 AND 4 FOR THE FINAL TIME, LESTER BEGINS TO INCH UP ON THE 20, BUT HENSON PULLS DOWN AND PINCHES LESTER TOWARDS THE APRON! HE'S STILL OUT IN FRONT! AT THE LIIIIIIIIIIIIINE... HENSON NOSES HIM OUT! BRUCE HENSON PULLS OFF PROBABLY THE BIGGEST UPSET OF THE YEAR! HE WINS IT AT NEW YORK! LESTER 2ND, DURBIN 3RD, CHURCH 4TH AND BRAD WINDSOR ROUNDS OUT THE TOP 5! How about that for a nailbiter?! Wow! Interestingly enough, Windsor and Johannson tied for most laps led, so both get the two points. However, the main question is about to be answered... who is the 2013 PTRL XM Radio Grand National Series Champion?


(OOC: What a way to end this wonderful little series I've devised from some small die-cast I found from a Tractor Supply Co. store in my town. You'd think I would have given up on this after year 1, but I just couldn't be told to stop developing my characters for nobody's enjoyment but my own. This IS in the AARO canon, so if you see any of these names in the AARO, try to refer back to these races to figure out how they drive, how well they run, their personalities on and off the track, etc. For anyone who's actually taken the time to read these, I thank you for doing so and showing some kind of interest in this. I hope you had fun reading it and watching these drivers progress over the cousre of the past three seasons. I'll see you all around the boards as usual, commenting on AERS and such like the rest of you. Until then, I bid you adieu.)
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2013 PTRL XMRGNS Race 20: New York (Arizona Tea 200)
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