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 The AERS Pre-Race Show Episode 2: Boston

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Forum Founder, Admin
Forum Founder, Admin

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PostSubject: The AERS Pre-Race Show Episode 2: Boston   Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:24 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to The AERS Pre-Race Show Episode 2 at Boston sponsored by AAA here on ASN. I am your host Jeff Klinger, as always.

Today we're at the Boston International Speedway in Boston, Massachusetts. Bright and sunny out this morning, supposed to get a little bit of rainfall before the race, and during it, we'll see if that comes into play.

Two of the three practices have been run. The 54 of Jerry Richson led both of them, qualifying has concluded as well. Louis Tellez, the hometown driver has qualified on the pole. Fred Ritcher second and Shawn Donnelly third, also from LT Motorsports. Ted Hendricks was unable to make the race despite the new sponsorship. But the absolute biggest stories of the weekend would be the Renesse story and the JN story. Renesse racing will only field one car for the Ford 200. The other three failed to qualify. Mikael Carter failed to qualify for the first time in his career. Which was a big blow....JN Motorsports qualified all three of its primary cars, they'll be the ones to look out for.

We will have an interview with Josh Mertz after the prerace show, but for now, we're going to go down to Sam Davids who is standing by with Fred Ritcher, the king of AARO. Sam.

Davids: Thank you Jeff. I'm here with my old rival from '93 all the way to '06. Fred Ritcher. Well, Fred, nice talking to you again, it's seemed like forever since we've talked.

Ritcher: Haha. I know right. We used to hate eachother.

Davids: Fred, do you think your team's recent struggles will affect your team throughout the year?

Ritcher: Not if we can stop it. We can prevent those things from happening but it takes alot of work. I'm sure the 87 will be back and I'm sure the 29 and 34 teams will rebound soon, but for now, this 13 team is as strong as it was in 2007 when we won our eighth title.

Davids: Thank you, Fred.

Ritcher: No problem.

Davids: Jeff, back over to you.

Once again this weekend I'm joined by Austin Hackk, driver of the #551 IRWIN Tools Dodge in the Verizon Veterans/Startup League. He'll break down yesterdays Ford 150, break down what to expect in the Ford 200 today, and explain why this track is a blast for drivers.

Hackk: Thank you Jeff. Yesterday the Aflac Yung Guns went into the Rocky Mountains for their first visit to the Colorado National Speedway. Sarah Gramstorff had the pole and totally trashed that new paintscheme throughout the remainder of the race. Toni Short and Frank Harris had the best cars as they battled DJ Bandsma, Jeff Parshall and Brandon Wares throughout the 150 lapper, Short failed into the pit wall, and Parshall became non-existent after that. Harris, Bandsma and Wares we're the remaining cars on the lead lap before Mick Marske jumped into the picture. Wares in the 01 had the lead while Bandsma and Harris we're battling to the inside of him when Harris turned the 86. Bandsma retaliated a few laps later, thus giving the win the the 01 of Brandon Wares. His first ever AARO victory. Still waiting to get an interview from Harris and Bandsma.

As for todays race, expect some great three wide action before the first caution, some more of it before some green flag runs and some green flag pit stops. Wrecks at Boston are scarce, but tend to be very large in the amount of cars involved. If your at the front, you should be fine at the beginning of the race. Don't know about the end, the Qualifying races we're too short to tell if something we're to happen later in the race.

The Boston track is very wide and has alot of room for racing. Drivers love this track for its great passing opportunities and fast speeds. That's pretty much it. Going to see if we'll have a good race. That's all from me.

Jeff: Down to Kyle Anist for an Interview with Josh Mertz.

Anist: Well first off Josh, I'd like to thank you for this interview. Okay, what was going through your mind on the last lap, last turn in the Q-Race, when the 24 got into you and you both spun out?

JM: No problem. I was wondering before the turn, I got this...then he got into me and I'm like "Great...I hope we still made it."

Anist: Is there much of a difference between the AARO cars and the cars you used to drive?

JM: Not really, only the Goodyears ran in the AARO Series. I got a seperate Race Shop built for the two, however, so the boys can be organized.

Anist: Just heard that your father will be leaving the 3 in the AERS, does that affect you at all?

JM: I persuaded him into running this, and he hasn't gelled. He's told me several times that he refuses to race with Goodyear Tires, claiming they suck, which apparantly they do as he hasn't done well.

Anist: Why do you think that you've had recent success in the AERS?

JM: Like I said before, the other cars aren't very different, and thus the success. Doesn't hurt that when I finished second, I ran some late models when I was 16 at Salem for my dad

Anist: Thank you, Josh.

JM: No Problem. Anytime.

Jeff: Thank you Kyle. That's all from this episode of The AERS Pre-Race show, for more information visit

I'm Jeff Klinger, I'll see you at Race time!



1. 12 Louis Tellez - I think he'll have a push to his driving at his home track.

2. 43 Jonathon Ringer - Seems to be getting back on track.

3. 39 Nick Kozoro - He has a great car, expect him at the front.

Bad Race

1. 14 Kenny Gerrelds - HE MADE A RACE?!?!?

2. 83 Nate Knowitall - Worst luck of all drivers

3. 26 Jalen Scransen - Ovota is struggling a little bit right now.



1. 39 Nick Kozoro - He has the best car this weekend in my opinion.

2. 13 Fred Ritcher - He'll be the only one to get out of Renesse's struggles.

3. 28 Shawn Donnelly - He's going to perform well in front of his teams shop.

Bad Race

1. 5 Casey Anderson - Has very little AERS experience.

2. 43 Jonathon Ringer - He will continue to struggle.

3. 46 Tyler Deefer - Look at the 43.

Administrator and Founder of the AARO and its wonderful forum

"'cuz you dyin' if you don't live..."
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Forum Founder, Admin
Forum Founder, Admin

Posts : 7737
Join date : 2009-05-16
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: The AERS Pre-Race Show Episode 2: Boston   Thu Jun 03, 2010 9:23 pm

Interview with Josh Mertz is now up.

Administrator and Founder of the AARO and its wonderful forum

"'cuz you dyin' if you don't live..."
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The AERS Pre-Race Show Episode 2: Boston
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