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 The AERS Pre-Race Show Episode 1: Salem

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Forum Founder, Admin
Forum Founder, Admin

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PostSubject: The AERS Pre-Race Show Episode 1: Salem   Sat May 29, 2010 1:59 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of The AERS Pre-Race Show! A new show airing on raceday here on ASN. I am your host, AERS commentator Jeff Klinger.

Today we're at the Salem Speedway in Salem, Indiana. Weather is clear and very hot, supposed to stay the same for later in the evening when the cars take the track.

A few stories to touch up on. Ted Hendricks in that #02 Chevrolet will carry Ultra Wheels on the hood of his car starting next weekend. The deal was made shortly after the Daytona race concluded. Hendricks says it was a big boost to his team. Another story this weekend is Grant Jacobs. About halfway into the first Qualifying race Thursday night, Jacobs and Sabo both got hit into eachother by Brandon Wares, long story told short, Sabo went over the wall and Jacobs berrel rolled two times down the banking. Reporter Samuel Davids is standing by with Jacobs.

Davids: Indeed I am Jeff, well Grant Jacobs, you've had quite a start to your weekend. A terrifying Yung Guns wreck and then an even more terrifying Qualifying race wreck. The most important question that everyone has been waiting to hear is, how is your ankle and will you be able to drive next weekend?

Jacobs: Ah, um, my ankles doing okay, nothing really that severe, I can still walk on it with a little bit of a limp. Not sure how it's going to feel in a car, always on that accelerator, but the guys at JN Development set up a test Tuesday at Saskatchewan in the Yung Gun car, hopefully that will help.

Davids: Do you think some of this AERS experience will help you in the Aflac Yung Guns? Or maybe even in the future in a fully funded AERS car?

Jacobs: Of course. I think I'm getting better and better as I go on with these cars. Helps even more when your racing at tough tracks like Salem and Daytona your first two races. It was nice getting to Daytona and getting me the feel of the car in those big drafts, and I'm sure all of this racing will pay off in the long stretch.

Davids: I hear your staying to watch the race tonight, who do ya like?

Jacobs: I'd have to go with Kimo Talfoa. The way that car has performed so far this weekend I'm sure he'll be in contention for the win. I'm going to be with the sixteen's spotter, hope to help out Justin a little bit and learn some spotting stuff.

Davids: Thank you for your time.

Jacobs: Oh, anytime Sam, it's an honor talking to you.

Jacobs is an up and coming star, watch out for him. I'm joined by Verizon Veterans/Startup League driver and former AERS driver Austin Hackk now. He's going to break down the Yung Guns race last night, break down what we should see tonight, and give us some information on racing at the Salem Speedway.

Hackk: Thanks for having me. I'll be here almost every episode. Well, let's start off with the Yung Guns race last night. Future AERS star maybe, and Todd Kinsin's brother Luke Kinsin started on the pole. Not much to talk about in this one because it was all cautions all night long. Caution 4 was a complete failure as almost all of the forty or so cars on the racetrack piled into eachother in turn number one. Most of our leaders were caught up in that mess. Caution 8 was also pretty bad, as there would be three wrecks. All containing good cars. Jason Teller, Sr., Brian Henlser, and Jared Kash all traded the lead multiple times before others got into the hunt. Hensler would take the lead when Teller pitted. This would be the pass for the win as Hensler would cruise on to go one for one this season in the AYG.

As for what we should see tonight, short trackers will rise and drivers who start near the back will have troubles getting through the messes that will ensue as the race goes on. I wouldn't expect anyone to have a clean, scratchless car at the end of this melee. Justin Pisani, and Herb Cilantro both proved their short track presence last year at McKinley, although Pisani was taken out late in the race. However, Salem is a much different track than McKinley and you have to take a difference approach to the track. These two I think will be near the front much of this event. Avoid the wrecks, be consistent in the pits and take advantage of other cars scraping the wall and you'll be good to go at Salem.

The Salem Speedway returns to the 2010 AMP Energy Racing Series schedule after a three year drought of it being on it. This will be one of the races that comes back in the long run, as drivers in the hunt for the title will look back on this and say "If only we got through that race..." or "I'm really glad we got through that one, if we didn't, we'd be in trouble". I personally love this racetrack. The way you can utilize the outside line and the way your car flows off of the banking is what I love about it. My dad won here four times as an AARO driver, that's what set me up for liking this track. I'd be so happy to travel with pops to Salem, bacause I knew he'd run well. Well, there's my speech Jeff, back to you for now.

Thank you Austin. Down to reporter Kyle Anist.

Anist: Thank you Kling's. I'm here with Jonathon Ringer, as Qualifying is about to start. Jon, now that Kenny Gerrelds has not made the show, do you think you can focus more on the race now?

Ringer: I'd rather not talk about that. I've decided to get it off my shoulders and worry about my team only now.

Anist: Okay. Well, you sat in the fifteenth spot in practice last night, getting prepared for Qualifying and one last practice before the eight-thiry race. Where would a driver want to qualify at Salem?

Ringer: As dumb as that question sounds, it actually gets me thinking. I mean, in the Yung Gun and Qualifying races, it looked like around 3rd would be a nice place to start. Not sure how Brian made his way up into the winner circle last night, but he sure got it done. I just hope this Armor-All Lincoln Zeyphr starts up in the top ten. I haven't been happy with it so far this weekend but if we make the right adjustments and start right were we would like to, I think we'll be fine.

Anist: How hard is it for a driver to go from a massive superspeedway to a short track on the other side of the United States?

Ringer: It sure gets you tired traveling all this way, and then next weekend to Boston. After a few AMP's and some fruits, you feel ready for anything. It's actually not that hard to transition from a giant track to a smaller track. After a couple laps in practice you get the feel for your car and you hardly realize any differences, I guess it varies for drivers.

Anist: Thank you for your time, Jeff, back to you.

Jeff: Okay. One more story to cover before we leave for Qualifying is the making of AARO Racing 2010 by C87A and ASN Games. Last night the cover was revealed, however we have no photos for you today. The cover will include the sixteen of Justin Pisani and the fifty four of Jerry Richson. The game will be released for the Xbox 360, the Playstation 3 and the PC. Simulators of the game are already at each track for fans use. For more information on the simulator, visit the AARO Official Website at

I'm Jeff Klinger and I'll see you tonight, were me and Derek will bring you the Zaxby's 250 live! Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you at Boston for Episode 2 of The AERS Pre-Race Show!

(If your driver would like to be interviewed in a future episode, please contact me. Maximum interviews a show is three.)

Administrator and Founder of the AARO and its wonderful forum

"'cuz you dyin' if you don't live..."
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PostSubject: Re: The AERS Pre-Race Show Episode 1: Salem   Sat May 29, 2010 2:15 pm

I'll do will my father.
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Forum Founder, Admin
Forum Founder, Admin

Posts : 7737
Join date : 2009-05-16
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: The AERS Pre-Race Show Episode 1: Salem   Sat May 29, 2010 2:15 pm

Jeff's Picks:

Drivers to win/contend:

#26 Jalen Scransen -- Needs a strong run. This team is already in desperation mode.

#88 Landon Rody -- Really impressed me Thursday night, I think he'll be a contender.

#12 Louis Tellez -- First in the second practice, I think he gets two in a row.

Drivers to have a bad race/wreck:

#11 Wendy Fisher -- She's making he first start, don't see much out of her.

#43 Jonathon Ringer -- He's not happy with his car.

#52 Jason Miller -- Probably the most underfunded car this year, now that Hendricks will have a sponsor, don't expect much in his first attempt in 2010.

Austin's Picks:

Drivers in win/contend:

#68 Paul Schuler -- You saw the Q-Race results, he has one hell of a car.

#42 Herb Cilantro -- He can pretty much win everywhere, seeing how well he did last year, he also rebounded from a bad start to his Q-Race.

#80 RJ Bandsma -- Both RJB Motorsports cars make the show again, they're on top of their game.

Drivers to have a bad race/wreck:

#16 Justin Pisani -- He will wreck. JN will have terrible luck this year, going for four in a row.

#07 Joey Kington -- No, this isn't because back in 2008 in the Yung Guns he got the 11 ride over me (and then got sacked from it). It's because he doesn't have good equipment. He's doing what? Three races this year?

#43 Jonathon Ringer -- Don't like his chances. He's struggled all weekend. I'll be surprised if he is still running at the end.

Administrator and Founder of the AARO and its wonderful forum

"'cuz you dyin' if you don't live..."
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PostSubject: Re: The AERS Pre-Race Show Episode 1: Salem   

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The AERS Pre-Race Show Episode 1: Salem
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